You Wouldn't Want To Be In A Tank In World War Two!

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You’re a member of a tank crew in the Second World War. You’ll learn about the challenges and dangers of serving in a tank regiment and witness many of the defining tank battles of the war, from El Alamein to D-Day. The humorous cartoon-style illustrations and the narrative approach placing readers at the centre of the narrative history encourage readers to get emotionally involved with the characters, aiding their understanding of what life would have been like in a tank during the Second World War. The title also covers the early development of the tank, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s initial designs through the prototype versions used during the First World War, as well as the future of tank technology. This title has been written in consultation with The Tank Museum in Bovington, England, to ensure that its content is as accurate as possible. Informative captions, maps, timelines, speech bubbles and diagrams make this title an ideal introduction to the conventions of non-fiction texts for young or reluctant readers.