Wit on Target

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This was the third volume in Des MacHale's best-selling Wit series, the best collection of witty remarks ever published. This volume was previously published as Yet More Wit but under that title it languished; it looked like an also ran, yet it was every bit as good as the original Wit. It joins Wit, Wit - the Last Laugh and Wit Rides Again in this magnificent compendium of short, sharp quips. The wonderful Des MacHale, Mathematics Professor at University College, Cork, and lifetime collector of funny remarks and devastating repartee, is the star performer at humour conferences round the world, and is the author of a multitude of books. The volume is organised by theme, so all the quotations on medicine and doctors, for example, are together, as are quotes relating to media and films, sports, politics, love and marriage, sex, food, education and many other subjects. As well as brilliant quotes from classic humorists such as Oscar Wilde and Woody Allen, we have Noel Coward, Winston Churchill, Lenny Bruce, Rita Rudner, Groucho Marx, WC Fields, Spike Milligan etc, etc. "Marriage - "I was married by a judge, but should have asked for a jury." Groucho Marx; Places - "I went to Naples to see Vesuvius and do you know what? The bloody fools had let it go out." Spike Milligan"