The Sports Timeline Wallbook

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Publisher What on Earth Publishing
Binding Hardback
Unfold the spectacular history of sport - from the ancient Olympics to today - with this beautifully illustrated, 2-metre-long timeline! More than 100 different sporting events and over 1,000 pictures and captions tell the unique story of sports in the world. Broken out by type of sport - such as fighting, racing and ball games - as well as by date, the timeline allows readers to trace the origins and histories of all major sports, including Olympic champions and world record holders. An easy-to-read chronicle, written in the form of nearly forty newspaper articles, highlights key moments such as the first Olympic games, Jesse Owens' race wins, and the first documented climbers to summit Mt. Everest. Other features include a page of letters to the editor, a fifty-question quiz, and a pocket magnifier to make it easier to explore all the timeline's details. Perfect for sport lovers of any age!