The Little Village School - G Phinn

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Publisher Hodder
Binding Paperback
'[Gervase Phinn is] a worthy successor to James Herriott, and every bit as endearing.' - Bestselling author Alan Titchmarsh She was wearing red shoes! With silver heels! Elisabeth Devine causes quite a stir on her arrival in the village. No one can understand why the head of a big inner city school would want to come to sleepy little Barton-in-the-Dale, to a primary with more problems than school dinners. And that's not even counting the challenges the mysterious Elisabeth herself will face: a bitter former head teacher, a grumpy caretaker and a duplicitous chair of governors, to name but a few. Then there's the gossip. After all, a woman who would wear red shoes to an interview is obviously capable of anything . . . Warm, funny and poignant, Gervase Phinn's first novel creates a fictional world that's as real as can be. It will delight all his fans, and win him many more. Readers are loving THE LITTLE VILLAGE SCHOOL! 'A jolly good read.' - 5 STARS 'Superb, easy reading.' - 5 STARS 'I completely fell in love with all the characters in this book.' - 5 STARS 'Will definitely go on to read more of Gervase Phinn's works.' - 5 STARS 'Wonderful storytelling, believable characters.' - 5 STARS