Struggle and Suffrage in Torbay

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The role of women during the mid-19th to mid-20th century is little documented; however, it was a time of great political and social change. The growth and popularity of seaside resorts after 1850 was a pivotal factor in influencing women's lives and the population fluctuated as temporary residents arrived for seasonal opportunities as entertainers, domestic servants and lodging house keepers. Sea-bathing for its health benefits became fashionable among the aristocracy and the seaside was competing effectively with the already popular spas. The mild, year round climate saw Torbay leading the way as a winter retreat for wealthy invalids, with Torbay being the earliest example of a specialised winter resort. Struggle and Suffrage in Torbay studies the lives of the women throughout this new trend. With the addition of two world wars and women's suffrage, we clearly see how these factors impacted on women's careers, civil liberties and domestic lives.