Secret Bradford

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback

As you walk around Bradford it is not difficult to spot the rich Victorian architecture, a legacy from the time when Bradford quite literally controlled the world’s worsted cloth industry and was known as Worstedopolis. You only have to visit City Park in Centenary Square and gaze at the magnificent City Hall, which opened in 1873 to the designs of the talented Lockwood and Mawson to appreciate just how rich the city once was. But how many people would realise that deep in the basement beyond the grand façade there still remains the old Victorian police station and cells where many a nineteenth-century murderer spent time contemplating the enormity of their crimes under the shadow of the hangman’s noose.. Or indeed that the infamous hangman himself James Berry just lived a short walk away at Bilton Place. Secret Bradford takes the reader to places we do not normally see, from the underground drain system to closed railway tunnels, old cinemas and of course the old satanic mills. So join Mark Davis as he explores Bradford as you’ve never seen it before...