Portrait of Southampton

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Southampton is an ever-changing city where past and present co-exist in unique harmony. It is a city where land meets the sea. As the major departure port for transatlantic liners, Southampton once proudly boasted the title ‘Gateway to theWorld’. Modern times have preserved this great tradition, if not the title, as Southampton continues to be the UK’s leading port for the world’s finest cruise ships.

Another title which has been bestowed upon Southampton is the ‘Green City’. The city centre itself possesses five large parks, which provide a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of a modern city and offer plentiful space for rest and relaxation.

Southampton’s long history is evident all around. Medieval houses, shops and a series of magnificent towers are all connected by the UK’s second longest remaining stretch of medieval walls, making ancient Southampton a wonder to explore. But Southampton will not rest upon the laurels of its illustrious past and grand titles. Almost every trip to the city centre will reveal a new surprise, as modern buildings spring up to dominate the ever changing skyline, further emphasising the city’s ambitions for the future.