Old Bradford

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Publisher Stenlake Publishing
Binding Paperback

Bradford has a long history, almost starting with being obliterated by William the Conqueror, it became a small town, but it was only when iron working, coal mining, and worsted mills started at scale in the 19th century that the town grew apace. By the time topographical photography was commonplace, around 1900, Bradford was a big town, and the book’s illustrations date from then into the 1960s. It’s changed quite a bit, as the front cover shows so eloquently. Paul has split the book into sections on pubs, cinemas and theatres, parks, miscellaneous buildings, events and celebrations, wartime bombing and other accidents, and a fairly wide-ranging chapter on people. Cottingley, Idle, Esholt, Shelf and Apperley Bridge are also included. 80 pages; 152 illustrations.