Let's Walk the North York Moors The Southern Area

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Publisher Barley Publishing
Binding Paperback

This book is one of three new walking guides which explore the
North York Moors National Park. The southern area consists of a
line of parallel but quite individual valleys, penetrating deep into
the moorland watershed. These pastoral, steep-sided dales extend
eastwards along the perimeter of the National Park, overlooking
the Vale of Pickering. Although the area has large-scale forestry
plantations at Broxa, Cropton and Dalby, boundless expanses
of heather moorland dominate elsewhere. Another of the areas’
dominant features is the Tabular Hills, which derive their name
from their distinctive table-top shape. Each dale has a unique
individuality and remains relatively unchanged by modern-day
influences. Wherever you roam within this beautiful area, you will
never be disappointed.

Each of the guides has ten circular routes and contains:

• Full-colour maps with numbered pointers to identify the
current position along each of the walks.
• Illustrated throughout with colour photographs of features
seen during the walks.
• Route directions with grid references beside each map to
aid navigation.
• What3words, postcode and complete OS reference to
identify each walk’s starting point.

The concept for this trilogy came about during the Covid 19
pandemic, which resulted in several national lockdowns. However,
rather than becoming a couch potato, I decided to fill this period
of confinement by writing these walking guides. Although my
previous books in the Her Master’s Walks series explored the
moorland areas of the North York Moors National Park, they had
barely scratched the surface of the available footpaths. Therefore,
I thought it was essential to address the North York Moors again.
Initially, I had planned to write just one book covering the whole
of the moors. However, due to my extensive list of previous walks,
I soon realised that it would be necessary to produce a trilogy
of guides to give the moors sufficient coverage and reflect their
beauty and versatility.