Illustrated Tales of Cornwall

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback

Cornwallʼs landscape is intertwined with the countyʼs folklore and legends. In Illustrated Tales of Cornwall, author John Husband explores a multitude of mysterious happenings, haunted places and strange tales from ancient times to the modern day. This book looks at the legends surrounding Cornish piskies, stone circles and tors, and the court of King Arthur. Tales of the sea abound, including shipwrecks, mermaids and the Morgawr sea monster, as do stories of the Cornish saints and holy wells. Some historical crimes have entered folklore, such as the Nevell Norway murder, and the book is peopled with unusual and eccentric characters, as well as ghosts. These strange and spooky stories are accompanied by the authorʼs photographs of places featured in the text in this hugely entertaining book.