Historic England: Hull

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback

This illustrated history portrays one of England’s most fascinating cities. It provides a nostalgic look at Kingston upon Hull’s past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites. The photographs are taken from the unique Historic England Archive, the nation’s record of 12 million photographs, drawings and publications, ranging from the 1850s and the earliest days of photography up to the present day. Historic England: Hull shows the city as it once was, with its narrow streets to its old dock district, once a major centre of the fishing and whaling industries. By the end of the First World War much of the old city centre had been completely destroyed, but this book shows how it is now: a resurgent, modern place with some stunning new architecture, state-of-the-art museums, galleries, and a world-leading university and medical school – consistent with its current status as UK City of Culture for 2017.