Is There Anybody Out There?

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Publisher Scholastic
Binding Hardback

Science fiction meets science fact in this brand new hilarious book from one of the UK and Ireland’s best-loved comedians.

Genuinely qualified space expert, Dara O Briain, is here with all the answers to help you sort your Area 51s from your messages from Mars.


  • how life begins in the first place
  • how Earth was created
  • whether aliens might exist elsewhere in the Solar System
  • the search for other planets like our own
  • how we could possibly ever get there and . . .
  • would we really meet aliens?


Alongside this runs the hilarious, but not very true story of Carl and his cat, Clive, who will join you on the journey of the book to help take you from novice alien-hunter to bona-fide space expert, with a brilliant final twist!

So, is there anybody out there?


(Well, maybe.)

And do aliens really exist?



  • Fully illustrated throughout
  • An expert in his field, Dara explores difficult concepts in a humorous way, alongside fun and quirky illustrations
  • He is also known as the host of long-running TV show Mock the Week