Cornish Road Transport Through Time

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Publisher Amberley
Binding Paperback

Early in the twentieth century, the increasing number of motor vehicles led to each county being allocated distinctive letters to use in licencing. In Cornwall's case these were AF and every vehicle, whether propelled by steam or by the internal combustion engine, had to carry these letters in its registration. In this book, Ernie Warmington has drawn on his wide-ranging collection of Cornish postcards and other memorabilia to show road transport in the county through time. Starting with the horse-drawn wagons which carried gold bullion between Falmouth and London in the late nineteenth century, the author moves on to the early motor vehicles owned by bankers, clergymen, mine-owners and other local gentry and ends with the modern transport we all use today. With detailed captions providing historical and social context, this is an intriguing compilation of images sure to delight anyone with an interest in Cornwall and its heritage.