Bradford Trolleybuses: The Later Years and Closure

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Publisher Pen & Sword Books
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This book follows on from Volume 1 and concludes the route history and development of the many interesting routes on the hills in Bradford. These are beautifully illustrated and show the ranges from sooty dark Victorian buildings to rural termini and the attendant changes with city redevelopment. Indeed, the redevelopment of the city in the 1960s also provides a historical pictorial backdrop to the trolleybuses seen at work in the city. The renaissance of Bradfords trolleybuses is described along with the reasons why it was such special system. After every rise, there must come a fall, and this started in Bradford soon after 1961. Whilst the future had looked good in 1960, with capital development planned, the fall and the final closure resulted from management changes, city centre development, major road changes and, finally, a definite close policy. Although the decline was a slow one, it did, however, gather momentum as final closure approached. All of the closures and attendant fleet losses are fully covered, however there is no final day' coverage, as this the book (and Volume 1) seek to principally give light to the best and peak times of the system.