Amazing Earth: Oceans

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Publisher Silver Link
Binding Hardback

Learn about extraordinary sea creatures and the different layers of the ocean. Then build five sturdy cardstock models—no tools required!

The farther down you go, the colder and darker it gets! In this fun, interactive book, kids will learn about the different layers of the ocean and the many mammals and fish that live in it. They'll read fascinating facts about the mighty whale shark, how the blue-ringed octopus camouflages itself, how sea otters use tools, how anglerfish survive without sunlight, and much more! Then they can follow the simple instructions to assemble five sturdy keepsake models of some of the unique creatures that roam underwater forests or the Great Barrier Reef: a cute sea otter, a leatherback turtle, a whale shark, a deep-sea anglerfish, and a unique blue-ringed octopus. Learning has never been so much fun!