111 Places in Northumberland that you Shouldn't Miss

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Publisher Emons Verlag
Binding Paperback
  • The ultimate insider's guide to Northumberland for locals and experienced travellers
  • Features interesting and unusual places not found in traditional travel guides
  • Part of the international 111 Places/Shops series with over 650 titles and 3.8 million copies in print worldwide
  • Appeals to both the local market (more than 390,000 people call Northumberland home) and the tourist market (more than 10.3 million people visit Northumberland every year!)
  • Fully illustrated with 111 full-page colour photographs

Northumberland is the ‘Land of the Far Horizon’ and England’s most northerly county. It was once a place of industrial innovation and manufacturing, literally fuelled by the coal brought up from its depths. Now Northumberland is a quieter place, loved by residents and visitors alike for its rolling hills and long, sandy beaches, as well as its charming towns and villages.

With this book in hand, meet Grace Darling, a Victorian heroine who took to storm-tossed seas to help rescue survivors of a terrible shipwreck; visit Amble, the ‘Friendliest Port’, and discover its connection to the Mauretania, once the fastest passenger ship to sail the Atlantic; and take in Turner’s View, an atmospheric stretch of coastline that was a lifelong inspiration to Britain’s greatest landscape painter.

You can also take a walk to the top of Cheviot, the county’s highest mountain and what was once a massive and very active volcano; and then top it off in the tranquil setting of St Cuthbert’s Island, where the eponymous saint went to get away from the strangely hectic whirl of monastic life.

Written by a proud northerner, this book will help you discover the more offbeat corners of Northumberland, and appreciate its many treasures.