100 Facts: Inventions

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Publisher Miles Kelly
Binding Paperback
100 Facts Inventions is a fascinating illustrated children's book, introducing 7-10 year olds to inventions from the time of early man to the modern day. Packed with discoveries, theories and famous inventors, learn why a ride on a boneshaker was very uncomfortable, who made the first model helicopter, and a how melted chocolate bar inspired the inventor of the microwave. Exactly 100 numbered facts will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book. Photographs, artwork and diagrams explain things further while activities, quizzes and cartoons make learning fun. 100 Facts is the perfect introduction to this fascinating topic. Topics covered: The first inventions, Making fire, New ways of moving, On the farm, Weaponry, From stone to metal, Boats and sails, Wonderful clay, Sailing into the unknown, Weapons of war, Measuring time, Harvesting nature's energy, Printing, Lenses and microscopes, Making music, Communication, Flight, Recording, In the home, From Earth into space.