100 Facts: Ancient Egypt

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Publisher Miles Kelly
Binding Paperback
100 Facts Ancient Egypt is a fantastic illustrated children's history book that takes 7-10 year olds on a tour of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Discover why the river Nile was so important, how the pyramids were built, and how a mummy was made. Covering a wide range of topics from clothes and jewellery to gods and goddesses, exactly 100 numbered facts will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book. Packed with beautiful artwork, and featuring fun panels containing activities, quizzes and hilarious cartoons, 100 Facts is the perfect introduction to this fascinating topic. Topics covered: The river Nile, Powerful pharaohs, The beginning of the civilization, Pyramids of Giza, Gods and goddesses, Tombs and temples, Building the Great Pyramid, Making mummies, War and enemies, Merchants and trade, The farmer s year, Transport, Classes in society, In the home, Clothing, Food and drink, Jobs, Clever Egyptians, Hieroglyphs, Fun and games, Heroes and heroines.